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Personnel Records & Transcript Analysis

Ms. Maritza de la Cerda, Executive Director

School Board Administration Building Annex
1500 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 141L
Miami, FL 33132
Office: 305-995-7238
Fax: 305-995-7215




Is your office responsible for completing experience/employment verification forms?

Yes, Personnel Records completes experience verification forms, critical shortage forms,  
student loan forgiveness forms, and handles sick leave days transfer requests.


How can I get Verification of Employment?


If you need a letter verifying employment, contact Personnel Records at (305)995-7212 or e-mail


Who has access to my personnel file?



  The employee, the employee’s supervisor,
M-DCPS and Human Resources personnel that need to review your personnel file in the course of their official duties.


How can I view my personnel file?



You may contact Personnel Records at   (305)995-7212 or e-mail

What information is contained in my personnel file? Is the information confidential or is it public?


The personnel file kept in Personnel Records contains the employment application package, letters of reference, contracts, evaluation forms, transcripts, certification information, and other personnel related documents. Your personnel file contains both confidential and public records.  Confidential documents consist of copy of your social security card, last evaluation, W-4 forms, payroll deduction information, Florida Retirement System beneficiary form, sick and vacation beneficiary form.

Public documents consist of your employment application, your salary, your address and phone number, and other related personnel documents.


Where could I find additional information about your department?  For more information please visit our Web site:, e-mail, or call (305) 995-7238, Maritza Delacerda, Executive Director. 
How do I add/correct/update transcript information? Submit official transcripts to Work location 9324, Annex, Room 141 – L
Can a parent / a co-worker / or an attorney view my personnel file? No, a “third” party needs to submit form number 6315 (Public Records Request) to the department of Citizen’s Information.
Citizen’s Information will then inform the employee of the request being made.
How do verify / update / inquire about my employment contract status? E-mail, or call (305) 995-7238, Maritza Delacerda, Executive Director. 
How do I request a copy of my employment contract?  E-mail, or call (305) 995-7238, Maritza Delacerda, Executive Director. 
How do I request a copy of my personnel file? E-mail, or call (305) 995-7238, Maritza Delacerda, Executive Director. 

Could you email copies of personnel documents to my email address? 

Yes, we can email you (only the employee) personnel documents to your .dadeschools email address.


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